Accounts Administrative head

Job Description

  • 1. Maintain and update the status of accounts receivables and payables.
  • 2. Reconcile all bank accounts and resolve all issues in processing the financial statements
  • 3. Responsible to receive and verify bills and requisitions for goods and services.
  • 4. Assist audit activities.
  • 5. Prepare, send, and store the record of invoices on time.
  • 6. Contact clients to update them about balance payments
  • 7. Prepare and submit tax forms and their filings.
  • 8 Update internal accounting databases and spreadsheets.
  • 9. Maintain Petty cash and Office expense activity.
  • 10. Evaluate all agreements and invoices and organize customer contracts.
  • 11. Analyze the transactions with financial policies and procedures.
  • 12. Create and manage daily paperwork for mailing as well as invoicing with the team.
  • 13. Assist all accountants and prepare all cash flow reports and data.
  • 14. Maintain and manage monthly journals, update entries, and maintain sub-ledger.


  • 1. Experience: You should have several years of experience in accounting, finance, or related roles. In particular, you should have experience managing a team and overseeing financial operations.

  • 2. Leadership skills: As an accounts administrative head, you will be responsible for managing a team of accountants and financial professionals. Therefore, you should have strong leadership skills and the ability to motivate and develop your team

  • 3. Analytical and problem-solving skills: You should be able to analyze financial data and identify trends, as well as identify and solve financial problems.